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BROUHAHAART talks to Bela Balog

Bela Balog was featured on Brouhahaart 3D virtual "Beauteous forms' exhibition.

Bela Balog lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. He considers himself primarily as a digital artist of deconstructivism and futurism. He mixes a lot of architectural elements into his digital works. These create a sense of chaotic structure, increasing the dynamism of the work. What also draws the audience to decipher these images are the recognizable figures are silhouettes. In the future, he wants to follow this imagined path and create more new series in the same style.

There is a strong visual language throughout the whole artworks that allows these pieces to be read as a time line. Within each individual work there are multiple scenes layered into each other and showcase a passage of time that is expanded upon as we look throughout the entire series. Each piece feels like we are looking around an environment that is active and lively. When looked at together, we begin to see a more complete experience of life from the views inside and outside an environment. Interestingly a lot of the architectural elements are very reminiscent of work of deconstructivism and futurism.

Tell us a little about your background?

“I was born in 1970. I live and work in Budapest. I started out as an artist, but in a different field. I studied music for 13 years. But he has always been very interested in the visual arts. For years, I only created for myself. At the urging of my friends, I started submitting my creations for competition last year”.

Why art?

“This is simply how I can best express myself and my environment”.

What motivates you to create and why have you chosen your particular subject matter and medium?

“I experimented with developing my digital technique for years. I wanted to achieve something different than what I had seen elsewhere before. This technique allows me the best express my thoughts and the world as I see it. I mainly tell stories with my pictures. Whether a story is based on real events or fiction is irrelevant. The point is for the viewer to see and understand these stories”.

What's your biggest barrier to being an artist? How do you address it?

“Since I started training myself late, I am still technically immature. The question is how much I can improve on this in the future. I work on it a lot, I practice a lot.

Maybe my old musician work mentality helps with that. I had to practice a lot then”.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given and professionally, what’s your goal?

“The best advice I have received: "Feel free to show your pictures to your audience and don’t be sad when you get bad reviews sometimes."

“I will stick to this advice in the future. In my opinion, it helps me achieve my goals. And my goals are to get my artworks to as many places as possible”.

How do you go about getting known?

“This question will be answered by the audience with their interest”.

Is there anything else you would like to add of interest to our audience?

“It’s never too late to do what we really love. There is no age limit”.

All of Bela Balog’s artworks are a process of a story, a plot. Stories that surround his narrower or wider environment. Sometimes it's a simple newspaper article or a photo inspired, but there are times when it's a literary work, a movie, or the streets around his residence, the riverside, or the people. Bela Balog's work mixes reality and imagination.

Telling his pictures and also experiencing reality. Reality can also be displayed in the imagination. Its detailed image processing is in line with these considerations. It helps the viewer understand the tale, but also leaves an open door for everyone to experience their own imagination and reality.

The goal of Bela Balog is clearly to grasp the point. His topics are therefore often about the most problematic things like death, loss, illness, domestic violence. But it displays the most beautiful things in life as well as birth, love, joy, beauty.

The common language of all these images is the color world of Béla Balog, which deliberately draws the attention of the viewers loudly.

Bela Balog has developed a completely unique digital technique that uses both photographic and drawing elements. His works are being created in a unique self-developed digitization process. He is constantly developing this technique and experimenting with new techniques.

All digital works by Bela Balog are unique (1/1 limited edition), with VAA (Visual Art Association) Certificat of Authenticity 2, signed by artist.

Bela Balog's artworks have been shown in galleries and art magazines in many countries (USA, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Belgium).

Discover more about Bela Balog:

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