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BROUHAHAART Interviews Aleksandra Kashina

2nd place winner the ‘Summer’ 3D virtual exhibition

"As an artist, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the environment - traveling the world and visiting new landscapes is a great passion of mine - particularly that of the environment in Asia, which I relocated from my home country to be a part of"

Tell us a little about your background?

For a long time, I had quite a narrow and conservative understanding of art, with my appreciation extending only to pieces created using classical methods.

At the beginning of my own career, I worked predominantly on portraits and landscapes but in moving to Hong Kong I’ve been able to both meet and learn from local artists who employ a variety of more abstract techniques.

This has broadened my art vocabulary immensely and since then I’ve begun exploring these techniques myself and learning how to best work and experiment with them.

Image: Corrosion . Mixed media.

Why Art?

I find art to be an incredibly intriguing form of expression.

The capturing and communication of a particular mood, emotion, experience, or idea through a physical representation is something that interests me greatly.

Image: The Wave . Mixed media.

What motivates you to create and why have you chosen your particular subject matter and medium?

Living in a variety of fast-paced city environments, art has become a form of meditation for me, a way to slow down and appreciate what brings me peace and joy by exploring those things through my work.

Nature is one such thing and in my most recent series I’ve been exploring the Chinese five elements and concepts of harmony and balance, found in the environment as much as we can find them within ourselves.

Image: Fire at night . Mixed media.

What's your biggest barrier to being an artist? How do you address it?

Publishing my own works. Even just posting my paintings on social media pushes me out of my comfort zone, let alone contacting galleries and exhibitions, but I know these are all necessary steps to gaining exposure as an artist so I simply push through as best I can.

Image: Sunlight Through Ice . Mixed media.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given and professionally, what’s your goal?

Always look at things from a different angle.

That might sound cliché but it’s amazing how often something that seemed otherwise ordinary can be inspiring after just a subtle change in perspective.

Image: Precious metals . Mixed media.

How do you go about getting known?

I try to participate in local and international exhibitions, contacting galleries directly or responding to open artist calls, as much as I can.

I also manage my social media as often as time allows.

Image: Fathoms . Mixed media.

Anastasia experiences in Asia, and with the Asian culture, she calls upon and uses as inspiration for her paintings.

“In these series, I choose to paint in an abstract form as this allows the audience to come to their own conclusion, for their own experiences and perspectives to bring them to an understanding of the painting that is more meaningful and personal, and impactful as a result. I have decided to base my series on the five elements of nature (as discussed in Asian culture); the basic substances of the material world - wood, fire, earth, metal, water - all elements being equally important and forming a balance”.

“Yet, as we exist right now, mankind is in a state of imbalance with these elements, and with nature, and as a result we are facing the consequences of such an imbalance; climate change, extreme acts of weather, the extinction of countless species of flora and fauna”

“We have just one planet, one earth, and it is our responsibility to preserve and safeguard it for future generations. We must learn to see the beauty that surrounds us and transition into a time of living in harmony with nature instead of fighting against it”.

“I see my art as a deep reminder to my audience of the fundamental elements of the world they live in, the world they must remember, and come to respect and protect”.

BROUHAHAART gallery specializing in 3D Virtual exhibitions and curated Virtual galleries, serving a Global community as well as professional galleries, organizations and Artists.

Virtual exhibitions provide an experience that is as close as possible to an actual gallery or museum visit.

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