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BROUHAHAART talks to Amos Osemwengie

Updated: May 28, 2022

Amos Osemwengie is a self-taught visual artist from Edo state, Nigeria, Born 1996.

Amos has been experimenting with art since he was 5, working predominantly with oils he uses melanated figures and portraits to tell stories and also to document elements of nature and life experiences of his imperative interest.

Amos Osemwengie was featured on Brouhahaart 3D virtual "Beauteous forms' exhibition.

Tell us a little about your background?

"I am a self-taught artist from Edo state, Nigeria, where I grew up and spent most of my life thus far. At about the age of 5, I already developed a burning curiosity for making great drawings of things that were of interest to me at the time. I did not initially set out to be an artist, only after earning my BSC in Plant Biology from the University of Benin did i come to the realization that art was my true passion as I set out to pursue my art career in 2018".

Why art?

"Art is my favourite means of expression, it brings me great joy and satisfaction when I finish a masterful piece. it has already become a major part of me, I don't know what I would do if I stopped making art, I just know I would not be happy with myself. I feel like I embody so many beautiful ideas and it is my responsibility to use my gift and present them to the world".

What motivates you to create and why have you chosen your particular subject matter and medium?

"I take great motivation and inspiration from various art forms, which varies from simply observing my natural environment, the works of other artists that I admire, listening to music that makes me feel something and also life itself, its beauty and also it's chaos. Also living and surviving as a Nigerian, a country full of people of diverse culture, backgrounds and struggles sometimes is enough inspiration for me to create something that's special and impactful to the collective conciousness of my people. I work with Oils as my predominant medium because I love the life that it helps me breathe into my pieces".

What's your biggest barrier to being an artist? How do you address it?

"That would have to be my finances and living in a country where a lot of things are set up against you doesn't help as well so it can get quite tough having to still create at full capacity will still struggling to earn a good living but I try to remind myself that this is only a stage"

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given and professionally, what’s your goal?

"To not worry much about searching for a personalized style in my art but rather engage my focus on making great paintings that are of imperative interest to me with the believe that what we call style will always find its way into the Artist's canvas. professionally I would love to gain more exposure and recognition for my work. I would love to have my works featured in major global art shows and museums, simply to grow consistently as an Artist and increase my network"

How do you go about getting known?

"As difficult as it may be recently to reach more people, I still predominately use my social media to promote my art and myself as an artist, it has its pros as well as its cons. I also apply for any opportunities or open calls that I find to show my work to more and reputable audience"

Is there anything else you would like to add of interest for our audience?

"It has been quite a rocky journey thus far but I have learnt to see the challenges as what makes the journey more interesting, I find great excitement in experimenting with new ideas and techniques to improve my practice and this is how I keep my head up through it all"

Discover more about Amos Osemwengie:

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